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Been playing Bravely Default for some time now, and am also SUPER hyped about the new Smash bros, so I created this ridiculous monster mash… It’s Smash Bros characters as Bravely Default jobs! (wuuuuut)Yes, I did take some liberties when it comes to job accuracy (not even sure what Luigi is. Book Sage? Librarian?), but had a lot of fun drawing it. I will have this as a new print for the coming Anime Expo 2014. Hope you guys like it :) 
Also, Kirby is a moogle because moogles.

by きりのまいとら

Aww yeah, finally done (after like a year or so??)!
Presenting the Persona Pixel Major Arcana.
To be honest, I’m not really sure about the colours on these. I’m working from scans of the originals (in a book or something? I don’t know) and I’ve seen several different colourations depending on source. In addition, the cards all have a bit of a top-to-bottom gradient going from dark to light, which I’ve omitted except for on the card back (the bottom right one), making it look a bit out of place. I get the sense that I was supposed to be working with a limited colour palette, but at this point I really can’t tell anymore. Maybe later I’ll go through and unify the colours, but for now I just want to call this done.
2x size version for detail here.
And thus, we begin. #earthbound #nintendo


Feeling rather Delsin Rowe today. #infamous #secondson